Storms in nature are wild and wicked. Throwing, using the very air its victims use to breath, the water its victims use to drink, and the ground its victims use to build a life.

Storms are carnivorously selfish. They consume whatever they please; travel wherever the wind takes them.

Storms in nature are frightening, and can shatter lives. But the human race as a whole, have been surviving them since their origin story.

But most importantly storms uncover and cover the past. After, are lives lost, secrets revealed, and damage done. But strangely enough more often than not, an over whelming sense of tranquility is left behind.

Terrestrial storms are short lived, going from birth to death in a matter of days. The storms no one can see, are the ones people should be afraid of.

The hidden storms, Like the one buried deep in me. The storm no one can see. That’s the storm that should be keeping you up at night. Good luck surviving me.