Seeking Relief

Coffee fuels my pen.

Whiskey fuels my knife.

Will there ever be an end to this fucking thing called life?

My pen fuels my heart.

My knife fuels my thirst.

Will the blood from an unnatural art make me forever cursed?

My heart fuels my pain.

My thirst fuels my mind.

Will I ever just open a vein to feel the relief I hope to find?

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  1. emjackson says:

    Although i found this to be a bit dark and hard to keep my eyes on these words i must also say you have a very unique and daringly special way of transmitting pain and emotion to paper and in turn making it beautiful. thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you. I like the way you described your experience reading what I wrote. It’s nice to hear someones view on what I write. I like how you said I turned painful emotion into something beautiful. I haven’t thought of it in such a term before. I really appreciate your comments.


  2. emjackson says:

    you are truly talented!
    thank you for sharing


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