Eternal Rest

Out beyond the walls, she walks a maze of flowers
With lips as red as sultry blood and skin as pale as the day old dead
She faintly hears a sound, as if the outset from the wave of a distant radio
The sound conforms to intimate voices
The voices she’s been longing for
“Deny the pill to talk with Will and Bill”
She hears the voices sing
She cracks her eyes and her body rises bent at the waist
While the rest of the world performs their ritual of rest
She performs her own
Getting out of bed, she is awake
But to look into her blank stare; she is still beyond the walls
Her body is left behind to do the bidding of Will and Bill
She drags her hand along the soft cotton walls as she walks her cage
Pacing back and forth she hears her only salvation proclaim
Will says “DO IT!”
Bill says “THIS IS HOW!”
She picks a rose off the bush and pricks her hand
She lays in the maze with flowers all around
As her body lays in her pillowed cell
She feels a warm puddle cradling her, as her mind drifts into the void
Finally she gets what she’s been craving for
The eternal rest that she deserves

3 Comments Add yours

  1. emjackson says:

    wow. to read you writing is to go on a little adventure into ones self and explore our own raw dark emotions. beautifully done. can not wait to read more of what you have created. also i read your about page and must say i may not know with certainty if i can survive you but i am eager to experience the ride i am sure it will take me on. thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, more will definitely come. I’m glad I could take you on an adventure perhaps normally you wouldn’t have traveled. I’m happy you told me this. I do so much adventuring in myself, it’s comforting to hear I could bring someone with me. Or guide them with my words. This was about a girl I once knew, Who would often go on her own little adventures. It’s interesting you standing up to my challenge in my about me. I won’t take that lightly


  2. emjackson says:

    truly it has been a wonderful trip reading and exploring through your words thank you. you have a completely unique tone and style and it is very exciting.
    im truly excited and can not wait for more!


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