A Week With You

Up your spiral staircase, bare foot we climbed.

Atop your tower, a world of your design.

Where in your bed we loved all the ways we should,

Kiss to kiss, hug in hug, every touch was understood.

On your couch a bit too small we listened to music,

Then the rest of the world muted,

I heard you first sing,

Your voice stained my mind like upon paper dried ink.

Into your candle lit bath with water and champagne,

Quickly turning into water and oil with the warmth we made.

In the streets below I met your friends,

 And a spot by your side I was given,

With a place next to me I gave.

For a week your world I was introduced,

And easily by your world I was seduced.

A week was earned.

A week was saved.

A week was spent.

A week was given away.

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